Maintenance DirectionĄG

By assortment of stonesĄG
Granite, greenstone, limestone, marbles, sandstone, slates.

Home useĄG
Granite, limestone, marbles

Maintenance of granite is simple: use normal water to rinse.
In occurrence of acid or alkali spillage on the stone, rinse with water immediately to avoid further damages.
Do not use grease or wax to wipe the stones to avoid surface damage.
Limestone and marble's maintenance is simple by rinsing with water. If there are small scratches on the stone floors, use floor wax to clean and polish. If you use cleaning agent, rinse with water before wax polishing.

Stone materials mentioned above can be cleaned with bleach when tainted with other coloring pollution (except oil sludge). Pour proportion amount of bleach on top of tissue papers that covers the tainted mark, allow drying, and then remove.

If the dirt or marks are still resistant after above directions, please ask for professional assistance, or contact us.

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