1.Environmental Friendly

For temporally office or short period, Shya Lai Fa can help to shift the floor system to adopt new floor plan or new locations with the original materials. Thus to save the environment, and your money. Please contact us for floor shifting, or recycle the materials.


Marbles and aluminum are both highly stable materials that does not deteriorate and ferment. Therefore, the floor will not host bacteria to harm your health. Further, users are exposed to the stones ' nature element and earth vitality, which is beneficial to the health.

3.Improve the tidiness

All the mess from computer cords, water pipes, power connections, and Air condition water outlet, can be tidied up by Shya Lai Fa's raised floor system.

4.Clean and effective Construction

Regardless of the flatness of your current plan, Shyr Lai Fa can immediately install the Raised Floor System without waiting for cement and plaster works. Better still, no unbearable noise or mess will occur, while we laying out the floor efficiently.

5.Natural Fire Resistant Materials

Our products are nature stone materials that combined the aluminum. Both are non flammable. Please refer to the flammable figures of our products.

6.Non Magnetic (anti-static)

The natural stone materials is non magnetic, no conductivity, while the aluminum is not magnetic either, therefore anti-static. When necessary, ground connection can be applied.

7.Pressure- resistant

The aluminum stands are resistant to pressure over 1,600 Kg weight. It will not deformed nor break under normal condition.

8.Light weight

Different from the traditional cement and plastering which is so much heavier than our aluminum system V 2/3 of weight can be reduced when you use our system, practically an adult ' s weight from each square meter!

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